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MignonBC desires to be a people, disciples of Christ, who worship Jesus, obey Jesus,

and find joy in Jesus all for the glory of Jesus. 


Our hope is that you will come and gather with us and that you will encounter Jesus when you do. Here's some of what you can expect:

The Music

We believe that the music we sing is a reflection and affirmation of the truths we believe, specifically the truth of the gospel. Embracing many styles and genres of music, our focus is to bring glory to God in a way that engages the congregation with the hope-filled truth of Scripture.

The Teaching

God's Word is our foundation, and we fully believe God's revelation to us that "all scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching." By the testimony of the Bible itself, it's our conviction that the Bible is sufficient and authoritative for the instruction of every area of our lives. We engage in teaching series which both "topically declare biblical truth and doctrine" and "expositionally preach through books of the Bible" so that we preach the "whole counsel of the Word of God," not leaving out any difficult passages. We aim to declare the truth of Scripture and submit our lives to it.


The Liturgy

Our desire is to worship God according to how he has instructed us to worship him in his Word. The Scripture defines our worship, not personal preferences and ingenuity. We worship through song, prayer, the Word, and the ordinances as revealed to us in the Word of God.


The Worshippers

The church family at MignonBC is a collective gathering of individuals whose stories reflect those who know Jesus, worship Jesus, obey Jesus, and find joy in Jesus all for the glory of Jesus. We are by no means perfect, but we seek to cultivate a passion for Jesus in each other. No matter how you come to MignonBC, we hope you leave with the desire to glorify Christ in all things, everywhere. 

Our desire at MignonBC is to see individuals and families become

disciples of Jesus who make disciples of Jesus.


For us, a disciple of Jesus is someone who knows Jesus, worships Jesus,

obeys Jesus, and finds joy in Jesus all for the glory of Jesus.

We look to accomplish this desire by leading those connected

to our church community to glorify, grow, give, and go 

in obedience to the Great Commission.

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